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Ice Lake: Intel second generation 10 nanometer process chip

OFweek Electronic Engineering News Network, although Intel's first generation 10nm processor has not yet officially launched, but this does not affect the design of its second generation 10nm processor planning. From the Intel official website code library can be found, a new generation of chip products named Ice Lake has entered the production schedule, will be using 10nm+ process technology. There is no more news about Ice Lake, but AnandTech speculates that the 10nm technology used by the processor will be more mature.

Ice Lake:英特尔第二代10纳米制程芯片

The first generation of 10nm processors, Cannon Lake, may be designed for relatively small mobile devices, so that it might be easier in mass production. As for Ice Lake, the production stage can not be reached until the output control is relatively stable and the function is tried on a larger desktop device. However, the official launch date is uncertain. Cannon Lake is due to be launched in 2018, and the Ice Lake may be available later in 2018 or 2019.

Intel will reveal the relevant news is not surprising, after all, competitor AMD recent action frequently. As the breakthrough in the smaller nanoscale process is getting harder and harder, the new Intel process is slowing down, but Cannon Lake is finally coming out. Now, both PC manufacturers and investors are curious about Intel's follow on product.

The next generation of Cannon Lake products has been identified and will continue to use the 10nm process, and the next framework discussion will be more successful. In any case, Intel was finally able to brace up, and even accelerate everything in good order and well arranged new technologies and new products, this is everyone loved. (text /findus)

Source: OFweek Electronic Engineering Network