Application Scenarios

Long-range wireless link solutions help solve real-world challenges in a variety of industries and verticals around the globe. At Taisync, we've developed solutions for clients in the industries below, and are always expanding our vision for what this technology will be able to enable in the future.


There is only one company today shipping drones with a truly stable link, and our proprietary technology is the only solution we’ve seen that comfortably outperforms the market leader again and again over time in a myriad of tests. Leverage the highest performing single link solution in your custom, consumer or commercial solution with Taisync’s technology.

Marine vehicles

Transmitting high definition video, command and control and telemetry over long distances at water level is an extremely challenging proposition. Being on the water adds an extreme amount of technical variance and interference to any transmission technology. We’ve tackled this challenge and engineered the best, most reliable transmission link for maritime solutions to help enable the next generation of marine vehicles.


A surveillance cameras become higher quality, the bandwidth requirements to transmit wirelessly have increased, making an already difficult problem of video transmission even harder. We’ve spent time on specific algorithms to create a unique solution to provide the necessary bandwidth, obstacle resilience and low latency that’s needed for the most advanced surveillance systems on the planet.


From professional broadcast for sporting events with many video feeds to sets in remote areas with cameras that need to feed into a centralized location, we’ve though the challenges to allow for the seamless integration of multiple video streams to give producers the piece of mind to know your feeds will have excellent link, across the board.

Live Cams

Current live cams are extremely lo-frame rate, long latency and low resolution, which all but nullifies the majority of their value proposition. Users want to see what’s happening on their doorstop, at the surf location, on top of the mountain or how traffic is really flowing in their area. Our technology allows for a higher framerate, higher resolution, lower latency, allowing these organizations to provide these users with real insight.

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