The custom-solution process.  

TaiSync has worked with UAV, maritime and security companies globally to make one-off or scalable transmission solutions for a wide variety of environments. We sit down and work directly with CTO’s and engineering teams to develop solutions that exceed expectations, with a process we’ve perfected over dozens of engagements with technology customers across the world.

What we provide

We can provide solutions such as PCB level modules for integration, custom antennae design to match mechanical limitations, all with a single link to accomplish command and control, telemetry and video transmission.

Our Process


Stage 1: Discovery

We meet with your technical team to discuss needs, and walk through our system performance numbers and options.

Stage 2: Testing

We provide a demonstration or a test module for customers to verify performance. We stand by our numbers and look to enable customers to validate our solution early in the process.

Stage 3: Requirements

Our teams work together in a series of 1-3 meetings to lock in all customer requirements, scope customization work, agree on production costs and generate a memorandum of understanding.

Stage 4 - Customization

Upon contract signing, our team customizes PCBA and software to requirements for delivery within established timelines.
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